Daring to be Scared


Dare to be Scared

Creating a life full of adventure

You’re not living if you’re not scared.

I don’t mean scared in the way that you are making choices that are physically harmful to you. I am talking about the feeling of putting yourself out there.

Challenging yourself to do something that seems beyond your limits. Do something that makes you wonder how the fuck you’re going to accomplish it.

Jump in with both feet.

The idea can be applied to so many things in life. Getting your first job, quitting your first job, deciding to start exercising, getting married, letting go of expectations, or allowing yourself to be vulnerable with those you love most. These are the terrifying things that make us feel alive. 

When we’re not afraid, we’re not growing. When we’re not scared, we’re not living.


Complacency is a dark hole of tricks and misguided information. At first it feels good and easy, a routine thing. What joy does that bring? After years of the same shit you begin to wonder what life would be like had you done more shit that scared you.

“Don’t be afraid to be scared.”

What would have happened had you dared to jump in with both feet even if you weren’t sure you would land on anything. What would life had been like? Would you have gotten hurt? Yes. Would you have regretted it? Maybe.  Would life had been a lot more interesting? ABSOLUTELY.

 There is a deep sense of satisfaction that comes with doing things that scare you. To go from feeling like “oh shit, what did I just agree to?” to knowing that you are capable of doing and completing difficult tasks. That you can do hard things. That you are a bad ass bitch.

Be afraid to be complacent. Don’t be afraid to be scared.