Flower Balloons


Flower Balloons


Blank Inside

5x7” Greeting Card

100% Recycled Paper

All of our designs begin as original works of art, created with brush to canvas and pen to paper. We use high resolution photographs to digitize our artwork and create many more designs based on an original. 

We value the environment and believe it is our job to create products that are beautiful and environmentally friendly, We print all of our designs on 110lb 100% recycled paper. We also use biodegradableclear plastic sleeves to protect the images.


·      Single 5” x 7” birthday card 

·      Single A7 kraft paper envelope

·      Biodegradable protective sleeve

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At Balsam & Olive we strive to create artwork that is authentic and evokes joy. All of our products begin as original works of art, created by our very own artist Olivia Merritt.

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